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From History to Custom Embroidery


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The concept of adding pattern and design to cloth, fabric, animal hide, or garment goes back centuries. The origins of embroidery can be traced back to the ancient worlds and even Greek mythology. People discovered that stitching had not only practical value, but could be used as embellishment. We understand the long history of this ancient practice at Corporate Connections and value the long trajectory that has brought us to the modern day custom embroidery we do today.

Early Iterations

Traces of early stitches can be seen in the ancient Egyptians. Many of these early stitches like the blanket, chain, and running stitches were used for functional purposes rather than decorative. Other forms of early stitching and decorative patterns are seen in ancient China. In the Islamic world embroidery was an indication of status and its intricate patterns were seen in handkerchiefs, uniforms, robes, and even shoes.

The Craftsmanship

The art of stitching patterns and designs into fabrics quickly developed as a respected craftsmanship. The craft was adopted by nonprofessionals and artisans alike. Depending on the area and material, it was either reserved for wealthy craftsman or for the general public.  

In England, for example, it was used as indication of a high class girl’s transition into womanhood. Painting representations of royalty shows elaborate embroidered designs on their garments and dresses. This type of stitching and needlework used gold or silver thread, or incorporated jewels and other patterns.  The kinds and uses of embroidery often varied by region as they were often utilized by the aristocracy or by the common folk as a technique and art to be learned.

The Industrial Revolution

As the country moved through the industrial revolution the large-scale production of many items began changing the way people thought about this ancient practice. Even with big factories producing identical results the craftsmanship of embroidery continued to live on in small pockets of people with a love for original needlework and craft. Yet the implementation of the stitching machine during this time period changed the game and allowed for more commercial use of the practice to be implemented.

The Modern Day

The stitching patterns used in ancient days are often still the same ones used today. This shows the transformative and transcendent nature of the craft. Today machines are used for custom embroidery the aesthetic appeal and universality of the practice is still held in high regard. Technology allows for a high versatility since machines work with computerized designs and models.

We Know Custom Embroidery

At Corporate Connection our goal is to produce elegant and professional work for your business and promotional materials. The art of embroidery is now a big part of commercial marketing and companies spreading their brand in an elegant and fashionable way. We appreciate the fact that some of our practices have deep rooted histories. People have always appreciated beauty and we are here to continue that tradition. Contact us today for custom embroidery that looks great on any and all products.


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