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Uniforms to Keep Your Employees Cool and Comfortable This Summer


Cities across the world are facing record-high temperatures this summer. This is especially apparent in El Paso. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for workers to wear protective uniforms in order to avoid potentially life-threatening situations. Uniforms aren’t only perfect for creating cohesiveness within your team, they’re also great for keeping your team comfortable even while working under these often 100-degree temperatures. As a local branding agency, Corporate Connection understands what El Pasoans go through on a daily basis. Not only will your uniforms look and feel great, they’ll proudly display your brand name as well! But what does it take for a uniform to protect employees in El Paso’s blistering sun and boiling heat?

Go For Lightweight Clothing That Covers as Much Skin as Possible

Whether your employees are doing road construction or painting the exteriors of homes, they need to protect themselves from El Paso’s infamously high temperatures. When deciding on uniforms, go for options that are lightweight and breathable. This way, your employees will be able to remain cool even on the hottest of days.

For a higher degree of protection, choose long sleeved uniforms that protect as much skin as possible. This way, your employees will be protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. When working outdoors, employees must protect themselves from these harmful rays while remaining cool and comfortable.

Experience the Difference of Moisture-Wicking Material

Corporate Connection also carries moisture-wicking polos, otherwise known as dry fiber. Wicking fabrics are made of modern technical fabrics. This material helps keep moisture from sticking to the body. This is important because unlike cotton, which absorbs very little water, the material blocks sweat from sticking to your body. Cotton only absorbs about 7 percent of its weight in water, which is why you’ll notice your cotton shirt feel heavy and moist when worn during extremely hot temperatures. Wicking polyester is designed with a special cross-section and surface area that picks up the moisture from your body and efficiently evaporates it to the outside of the fabric. In return, you’ll be dry and cool!

Opt For Light-Colored Uniforms

By their very nature, uniforms should convey your company’s look. When you walk into Best Buy or Target, you notice how every employee is wearing blue or red polos and khaki pants, accordingly. These colors correlate with the company’s logo or color scheme. But when it comes to employees who work outdoors in the heat, it’s necessary to choose colors on the lighter side of the spectrum. While darker colors absorb heat, light-colored clothing reflects light and heat. This will allow your employees to maintain comfortable body temperatures throughout the working day. This is also an opportunity to have different colored uniforms for different departments within your company. Perhaps the outdoor team can wear white, long-sleeved uniforms while the in-house team wears green, short-sleeved polos. If you’d like your brand logo to be displayed on your uniforms, Corporate Connection can help.

Don’t Forget About the Company Logo!

Uniforms should proudly display the company’s logo or name. If your employees work outdoors throughout the day, your company’s logo must be able to face the scorching heat. Corporate Connection offers a variety of print and embroidery options for your company’s name to look great without fading away. We also offer customization services so each uniform can feature the names of your employees. No matter what you require, Corporate Connection can help. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!


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